I am using the vector network analyzer for my WPT project. It is called VNWA 3E (Link) and shows great performance.

Last time, I purchased some atteunators at ebay.com. I thought that these attuenators can be used to measure the gain of the RF amplifier.

There are 4 types of atteuantors. -3dB, -6dB, -20dB and -30 dB.


This is the setup. It is very easy to setup the attuenator. First I calibrated my VNWA at frequency range from 0.1 to 20 MHz. Then I put the atteuantor on the coxial cable.


Then, I measured the S21 parameter with VNWA. Here are the results.

Well, All Attenators showed the measured values matched well with its own values. I am so satisfied with this perchance.

Thank you for reading this article.

1. Atteuantor :  -03dB


2.Atteuantor : -06dB


3.Atteuantor : -20dB


4.Atteuantor : -30dB



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