AUCKLAND, New Zealand, Sept. 6, 2016 /PRNewswire/ — PowerbyProxi, developer of the world’s most advanced and safest wireless power systems, presents the re-release of their flagship Wireless Power solution – the Proxi-Point 150W. The Proxi-Point 150W delivers up to 240 watts and operates as a point-to-point wireless power transfer device or mechanical slip ring replacement, eliminating the maintenance and reliability issues associated with physical connection points.

The improved design complies with FCC parts 15 and 18 and includes an increased ingress rating, MTBF and EMC performance.  Environmental sealing for the product has been upgraded to an IP68 rating (full immersion up to a depth on 1 meter), ideal for environments prone to water, dust and dirt ingress.  In addition, Mean Time Between Failures (MTBF) has increased to 33 years, exceeding comparable mechanical slip ring alternatives, and EMC performance now complies with IEC 62311 for occupational and public exposure limits.

“Our aim continues to be to deliver the safest, most reliable solutions in the industry. The Proxi-Point 150W is the only wireless power product on the market that offers high power transfer capabilities but still compliant with stringent FCC standards,” saidAndrew Connell, Strategic Marketing Manager at PowerbyProxi.

Wireless Power presents considerable advantages over traditional wired solutions and friction-based slip rings that suffer from physical wear and tear, requiring frequent maintenance or replacement.   The push for FCC compliance in higher power wireless solutions, reinforces the reliability and safety aspects of the technology in relation to a recognised industry standard for guaranteed performance and interoperability.

“We are seeing greater demand for solutions that deliver power at 100 watts and above,”  said Connell.  “We recognise the importance of delivering peace of mind for our customers and therefore design products that comply with industry regulatory emissions, safety and reliability standards – particularly for operation in sensitive, hazardous or mission-critical environments.”

More information and technical specifications for the The Proxi-Point™ 150W are available on the PowerbyProxi website, or by contacting the PowerbyProxi team directly.

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