a.  CSUN/EAFB Software Defined Radio (SDR) Senior Project


This link lead us to the tutorials which were written by Prof. S. Katz of California State University.

There are well explained and very helpful to understand how to use the GNU Radio.

b. Tutorials by Ettus Research

This tutorials is provided by Balint Seeber of Ettus Research.  I highly recommend to read this article first if you are an absolute beginner of the GNU Radio.



C. Youtube Tutorials by Balint Seeber

This is more extensive contents. This tutorials consists of five separate videos. If you are not familiar with some contents, you may skip some video.

But These are really helpful for the intermediate GNU users.

D. Michael Ossmann’s Tutorials on Software Defined Radio

This tutorials is provided by the Mike Ossmann who develped the Hack RF one. He is one of the geniuses in the current SDR community.

He explains about the GNU Radio and SDR including the Digital Signal Processing. It is really helpful for me to understand the heart of the SDR.


E. GNU Radio Companion Block



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