Measuring Lumped Elements Values for WPT coil


Hello. I will explain how to measure and  decide  lumped elements values for WPT coil. Here is the WPT coil that I made for my experiments. The WPT coil consists of a resonant coil and a feed coil with SMA connector. The resonant coil is spiral and has parasitic capacitance between the spiral lines and this capacitance make this coil resonate at LC resonant frequency. The feed coil is a…


S-parameters with LTSpice


The .net Spice function can be used to calculate two port parameters such as Z,Y,H and S parameters. Zin and Zout can also be calculated. The circuit below shows a simple example. This is the bans pass filter (BPF). Here is the LTspice file. ltspice_sparameter   1. Create an input port V1 with a series resistance. The series resistance will typically be 50 Ohm for S-parameters. This resistance will not…