Powermat CEO calls wireless charging a ‘standard feature in the next iPhone’


Wireless charging is widely expected to be on one if not all new iPhone models later this year, and the CEO of a prominent wireless charging technology company appears to consider it a done deal. Powermat CEO Elad Dubzinski called wireless charging ‘a standard feature in the next iPhone’ ahead of any official iPhone 7s or iPhone 8 announcement. Powermat CEO calls wireless charging a ‘standard feature in the next iPhone’ http://gigazine.net/news/20170426-wireless-charging-next-iphone/  


Disney Research demos cord-free room concept


Disney Research has showcased an automatic, unaided charging platform that would enable purpose-built structures —such as cabinets, rooms or even entire warehouses —to generate and deliver power to mobile receivers in close proximity. Download File “Quasistatic Cavity Resonance for Ubiquitous Wireless Power Transfer-Paper”  


EPC corporation : Wireless Power Transfer


EPC is the GaN FET supplier for the WPT Technology. It published very interesting videos on WPT system and its GaN amplifier system. Please enjoy the following videos!   eGaN Technolgy for Wireless Power Transfer 2. Application Demo: eGan Technology 3. Cut The Cord! Demonstration of the GaN Based Wireless Power 4. eGaN IC’s – Integrate for Even Higher Efficiency 5. eGaN FET Application: Wireless Power Transfer


Wireless Powered Drone


Researchers at Imperial College London have demonstrated that they can wirelessly power a drone while it is flying. Reference [1] How wireless power charging could recharge a flying drone [2] Wireless Power Lab at Imperial College London [3] The author’s homepage


Measuring Wireless Power Transfer Efficiency (1)


Transmission efficiency of the wireless power transfer (WPT) system can be measured with a vector network analyzer (VNWA). The following picture shows how we measured the transmission efficiency of this system. The yellow WPT coil in the left side is connected to the port 1 of VNWA, while the blue WPT coil in the right side is connected to the port 2 of VNWA. The resonant frequency of this system…


Impedance matching of the WPT coil


Hello, I will explain how I matched input impedance of the WPT coil to 50 Ohm. Please look at the following picture. You can see that SMA cable is directly connected with the feed coil. Let’s see the frequency characteristic properties of this WPT coil. Frequency range is between 1 MHz and 27 MHz. So the center frequency is 14 MHz (=0.5*(1+27) MHz) that is the resonant frequency of this…


Measuring Lumped Elements Values for WPT coil


Hello. I will explain how to measure and  decide  lumped elements values for WPT coil. Here is the WPT coil that I made for my experiments. The WPT coil consists of a resonant coil and a feed coil with SMA connector. The resonant coil is spiral and has parasitic capacitance between the spiral lines and this capacitance make this coil resonate at LC resonant frequency. The feed coil is a…


Z parameters of the coupled inductors network


Circuit theory is very good tool to understand and calculate the WPT system. In order to understand what happens in the magnetic coupling in circuit theory, two port network theory provides us good knowledge. Let’s start discussion with the following figure. The figure shows the schematic of the 2-port network. the 2-port network will be anything such as band pass filter, transmission line or WPT system. We can describe this…


Apple, iphone 7sにワイヤレス給電技術を採用


久しぶりにビックニュースです。 Energous社がワイヤレス給電技術提供に関して、アップルと独占契約を結んだそうですね。 本当であれば、今年のワイヤレス給電に関して最もビックなニュースで、ライバル技術に関して下記のことが予測されます。 (1) 電磁誘導方式のQi方式の衰退  数年前から普及を心かけていますが、根本的に密着しないと充電ができない問題があるため、なかなか普及しないですね。 もし、Appleのiphoneに別の方式が正式に採用された場合、Qi方式は急激に勢いを失いと予想されます。 (2) Ossia社のCota WifiのMIMO技術を応用する点では、EnergousのWattと同じ技術です。異なる点は、OssiaのCotaが2.4GHz EnergousのWattupが5.7~5.8GHzの帯域を使うことですかね。 先月のCES2016ではOssia社が注目を浴びましたが、今回のアップルとの提携の件でその勢力図が一気に変わる可能性があります。 (3) 磁場共鳴方式 最近、Witricity社が思い切り低迷する中、Intel社を中心としたRezence規格がやっと重い腰を上げている状態ですね。 Witricity社の低迷を象徴するビデオ MITでは、MIMOを利用して伝送距離を伸ばす論文も発表しましたが、なかなか話が纏まらないイメージが強いです。   参考に、関連記事を紹介します。 Apple Possibly Working With Energous on Extended Range Wireless Charging for Future iPhones Apple、iPhone7s用のワイヤレス充電採用に前進!開発企業と独占契約か こちらは、Wattupのデモビデオです。やはり10 feet (約3メートル)は魅力的ですね。  


Apple, 2017年にiphoneとipadに長距離ワイヤレス給電技術を発表


Apple Insiderは、アップル社が早ければ2017年にiphoneとipadに長距離ワイヤレス給電技術を提供できると伝えました。このニュースは、アップルが既存のワイヤレス給電技術よりもっと離れている距離でiphoneとipadを充電する新しい技術を開発中で、早ければ来年中に発表することを目標とすると伝えた。   詳しい記事はこちらのリンクを参考にしてください。 Apple could bring long-distance wireless charging to iPhone, iPad as soon as 2017     アップルのワイヤレス給電に関する特許の分析記事はこちらへ。 Apple Reveals Master Details of Wireless Charging System