Evaluation of the DC-DC buck converter


  This is the evaluation reports of various DC-DC converter products that are available in Japan. DC-DC converter is used to provide a stable output DC voltage to its load such as rechargeable battery. We have tested 5 types DC-DC converter samples which is available in Amazon and Ebay. Thanks.   DC-DC-Converter Evaluation Report from Seong-Hun Choe


Competing wireless power standards: Qi vs. Rezence


http://www.mouser.jp/applications/competing-wireless-standards/ http://www.eeworldonline.com/competing-wireless-power-standards-qi-vs-rezence/ Competing Wireless Power Standards: Qi vs. Rezence By Noah Imam, Inteleaf, for Mouser Electronics Having to charge multiple devices can be frustrating. Whether it’s at an airport terminal or a coffee shop, power outlets can be a contentious commodity. Imagine if you could charge your device simply by setting it down. No more wires, dongles, or bulky chargers. With wireless charging technology, that’s likely to become commonplace. Today,…


EPC corporation : Wireless Power Transfer


EPC is the GaN FET supplier for the WPT Technology. It published very interesting videos on WPT system and its GaN amplifier system. Please enjoy the following videos!   eGaN Technolgy for Wireless Power Transfer 2. Application Demo: eGan Technology 3. Cut The Cord! Demonstration of the GaN Based Wireless Power 4. eGaN IC’s – Integrate for Even Higher Efficiency 5. eGaN FET Application: Wireless Power Transfer


Wireless Powered Drone


Researchers at Imperial College London have demonstrated that they can wirelessly power a drone while it is flying. Reference [1] How wireless power charging could recharge a flying drone [2] Wireless Power Lab at Imperial College London [3] The author’s homepage


Measuring Wireless Power Transfer Efficiency (1)


Transmission efficiency of the wireless power transfer (WPT) system can be measured with a vector network analyzer (VNWA). The following picture shows how we measured the transmission efficiency of this system. The yellow WPT coil in the left side is connected to the port 1 of VNWA, while the blue WPT coil in the right side is connected to the port 2 of VNWA. The resonant frequency of this system…


Measuring Lumped Elements Values for WPT coil


Hello. I will explain how to measure and  decide  lumped elements values for WPT coil. Here is the WPT coil that I made for my experiments. The WPT coil consists of a resonant coil and a feed coil with SMA connector. The resonant coil is spiral and has parasitic capacitance between the spiral lines and this capacitance make this coil resonate at LC resonant frequency. The feed coil is a…


Wireless Power Transfer Analysis using LTSpice


LTSpice can be used to calculate the efficiency and other parameters in wireless power transfer (WPT). First, We build the equivalent circuit diagram of the WPT system below. The figure and data came from the following paper. Sample, A. P., Meyer, D. a., & Smith, J. R. (2011). Analysis, experimental results, and range adaptation of magnetically coupled resonators for wireless power transfer. IEEE Transactions on Industrial Electronics, 58(c), 544–554. http://doi.org/10.1109/TIE.2010.2046002…