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Competing wireless power standards: Qi vs. Rezence

http://www.mouser.jp/applications/competing-wireless-standards/ http://www.eeworldonline.com/competing-wireless-power-standards-qi-vs-rezence/ Competing Wireless Power Standards: Qi vs. Rezence By Noah Imam, Inteleaf, for Mouser Electronics Having to charge multiple devices can be frustrating. Whether it’s at an airport terminal or a coffee shop, power outlets can be a contentious commodity. Imagine if you could charge your device simply by setting it down. No more wires, dongles, or bulky chargers. With wireless charging technology, that’s likely to become commonplace. Today, the average person may have a phone, laptop, tablet, and a smartwatch, which are all steadily losing battery power and waiting to be recharged. According to the Radicati mobile statistics report, there will be over 9 billion mobile devices in […]